about finger joint Iran

Deniz Profil Industrial Factories was established in 2015 with the permission of the Ministry of Industries and Mines of East Azerbaijan Province in order to produce quality products at reasonable prices. The production activity of this large group started with the production of profiles in the construction tools and equipment industry and according to the country’s need for quality products of wooden utensils, obtained a license to produce various types of wooden utensils made of beech trees and with high knowledge and experience Develop and improve the industry under Deniz Choob.

Production of finger joint sheets for the first time in Iran in 1398 with the technical knowledge of DenizProfil Group and the use of the most modern devices, was started by Deniz Profiles, which is considered as one of the most experienced experts in the production of finger joint sheets.  Deniz Profile Industrial Group, with an area of ​​20,000 square meters and unique production halls such as Negini Derakhshan, is currently operating in the investment town of Salimi, East Azerbaijan Province, and employs more than 200 workers and specialists directly. have.

Deniz Profile Industrial Factories Group operates in the following sectors:

Production of wooden utensil products
Production of various profiles
Production of finger joint sheets